use CORBA::MICO 0.6_5;



"Go to"   =>
   "Open discussion",

"Look at" =>
  ["CORBA Control Center",

"Mail to" =>

"Subscribe to" =>
  ["Mailing list"],



  "CORBA::MICO is a Perl interface to the MICO ORB. Its most distinctive feature is that it is completely dynamic. It is not necessary to pregenerate \"stubs\" or \"skeletons\" - all necessary information is retrieved at runtime.";


  "You may view notes of this release here, or download it from the \"Project repository\".";


  "Daily tarball of entire project CVS Repository here.";




  "Owen Taylor - the founder. He has started the project and wrote a lot of excelent code.";


  "CORBA::MICO is licensed under the GNU LGPL, which allows you to develop free software or even commercial non-free software without spending a dime for licenses or royalties.";


exit 0;

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