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Corba Control Center

What is CCC?

  CORBA Control Center (CCC) is a tool providing user interface for standard CORBA subsystems and services.

What CCC requires?

  • CORBA::MICO (version 0.6.2 or later)
  • Gtk module for Perl (version 0.7006 or later)

How to install CCC?

  Usually CCC will be installed during CORBA::MICO installation process. If it hadn't installed then make it and install as usual Perl application.

How to Run CCC?

  To run CCC you have to have:

  • MICO Interface Repository running and accessible from your system.
  • Interface Repository IDL files fed to Interface Repository.
  Then type:
  • ccc -ORBIfaceRepoAddr &, where ‹repo_addr› is Interface repository address
  or simply
  • ccc
  if you have .micorc file in your home directory containing Interface Repository address.
  File start-servers.sh in CORBA::MICO package may be used for starting and preparing Interface Repository and .micorc file.

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